Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maybe You Can Win?!?!

Band: The Runnies Free mp3: “You Can’t Win” (’til Feb. 26) A song review like this one happens so infrequently on Chicago Tunes that I needed to backtrack some to research how I went about writing and formatting it the one and only other time. That post, uploaded over a year ago, was a celebration of U.S. Royalty’s “Equestrian,” a tune that hit and profoundly affected me at a time that I apparently wanted to hear it. What’s funny about singly digesting “Equestrian” then and “You Can’t Win” now isn’t that I’m doing so by picking through separate pieces of their respective assemblies. (This is, however, true. Whereas the “Equestrian” piece was an exploration of possible messages in the lyrics of U.S. Royalty, “You Can’t Win” gets its own posting today because it’s groovy as hell). The funny, then, is how stylistically different “Equestrian” is from “You Can’t Win.” Any lingering suspicions I may have had about the level of satisfaction I’ve lately received from garage/psych/punk or any loose combination of the three is surely gone now. I might be hooked or be there very soon. continue reading . . . (source: http://chicagotunes.net/)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Show Review: Runnies at the Bottle

Tyler Jon Tyler, Nones, The Runnies @ The Empty Bottle (2/14); Unicycle Loves You, Lightfoils @ The Empty Bottle (2/13)

credit: The Runnies' Facebook
I’ve long been partial to the Empty Bottle for good, cheap entertainment in Chicago. But a great string of kick ass — these back-to-back shows I’m just now digesting, as well asRadar Eyes’ record release and an Apteka/Secret Colours show in January — have made this Uke Village hole-in-the-wall my favorite space to see live music in the new year.
Perhaps it goes hand in hand with my matured tastes in music. Were you to ask the me of a year ago whether I’d be excited to go and see, say, The Runnies, I don’t know what I’d say. But ask the me of last night, after their thick hooks and slam rock crawled up under my skin and gave me the shakes, and I’d say: “Heck yes. When’s their next show?”

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tyler Jon Tyler / Nones / The Runnies *Free with RSVP*

Place: Empty Bottle 1035 N. Western Time: Doors 9:00pm Price: $8.00 Garage-rock trio TYLER JON TYLER return with the simple, melodic sub-3-minute pop songs found on their debut LP, out on Slow Fizz Records. The band has avoided the tropes of lo-fi garage fuzz in favor of an undeniably catchy, ramshackle approach and we’re excited that they’re coming out on Valentine’s Day to serenade us with local noise-mongers NONES - an all-girl band fronted by a mad man wielding a saxophone and a howl that specializes in shaking your brain. This show is Free with RSVP and, since it's Valentine's Day, anyone who RSVPs gets a free +1, as well! Be sure to send an e-mail to rsvp@emptybottle.com by midnight the night before the show. Your RSVP does not guarantee admission. However, buying an advance ticket through TicketWeb does. Click Here for Tickets

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Love from Pop and Robbers

More Love from Pop and Robbers:
#7: The Runnies-You Can’t Win LP
Perfect musical accompaniment for a haunted house or dingy dive bar,You Can’t Win is full of ominous, organ-heavy rock and roll. The way singer Mary McKane growls all over this record, I found myself constantly being reminded of the Whigs and fellow windy city spook poppers Hollows.